Friday, April 07, 2006

Languages, identities, intercultural competences:

I’m Jeremy and I will be 18 in September this year. When I was one month old, I moved to Saudi Arabia , where my father worked as a math teacher. I stayed there 6 years. In this country, I spoke French at home, because both of my parents are French, but at school and outside, I had to learn a new language to be able to communicate with the Arabians: English.
I had to learn English, because Arabic is quite difficult and in Arabiamost people speak both languages. I do not remember any conflicts then or if I felt a different person at home and at school I just can tell you that learning two different languages was more of a good experience than a problem.

At the age of 7 , I moved back to France, my native country. I had never lived there before and although I had been there from time to time on short holidays, this was for me a new experience, because the French and the Arabians have not much in common. In Arabia, I had visited deserts, and some lovely towns. In France, there are no such landscapes. Another change was the way of getting dressed: in Arabia, as you know, women wear big long black “abayas” and men long white “djellabas”, while in France, women wear skirts, and men were trousers and jeans. All these differences made me feel different, of course, but there was also one particularly that reinforced this and made me feel alone, maybe a little rejected. When I arrived in France, I had to go to a new school, and my first day was sad. I remember that all of the kids had already their own friends. I was there, lonely, looking at them. I had left all my friends in Arabia, and it took me a long time to make new ones. This made me feel more Arabian than French for a while, because in Arabia I was a normal kid, who had a lot of friends, and in France, I was considered a foreigner coming from a different country. I felt like a stranger in my own country.

I only stayed 3 years in France because at the age of eleven, I moved to Brazil. At that time, I didn’t have any idea about this country : I didn’t know what language was spoken there, I didn’t know what the people looked like, well I didn’t know almost anything, except one thing : “Brazil is a poor country”. I remember my French teacher saying this to me, before I left France. So, being a kid, I remember that I was afraid of not having enough food in Brazil. So this is why I tried to bring some food from France to Brazil, but this was a very long time ago.
When I arrived in Brazil, I adapted myself very quickly, because Brazilians are very nice and gentle with foreigners. The only problem that I had to face was the language. Portuguese was so different from French! But I have to admit that some months later; I quickly turned into a little Brazilian: the language was really easy to learn.

Although I’ve been living a long time in different countries I consider myself French. I’ve been living in Brazilfor 8 years now and I really love this country, and I will never forget it because I spent all my teenage years here, and the real friends I have made is in Brazil.However, this doesn’t mean that I turned into a Brazilian! For example, the World Cup will be played this year and all my soul is for France, and not for Brazil (after all they have already won 5 times and other countries deserve an opportunity)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Friendship from a distance

Hello everybody, this is my first comment on 2006, so I hope you will enjoy it. I will talk about a very important subject : "friendship from a distance".
I saw a comment here from Leyla, and I "ca ma donner envie de" talk about it...
Friends is the most important in the world : how can we live without friends ? I'll answer you , it's impossible. Friends are like oxygen ; you need them aroud you.
Good friends will always be there for you, and you will always be there for them.
So this is why it's very important keep friendsship from a distance. No matter where your friends will go, you will always have a place for them in you heart, so you can not just left them as if they were nothing...
They change your life, you change theirs,so I say : keep in touche guys.

Monday, November 07, 2005

I have been there and I have comment on my favourite city, São Paulo, so if you want to see what I like doing in this city, and what I hate, you just have to click here !
Well, there are so many places that I want to go in the world... But my favourite is the united states. I would like to known chicago ,los angeles, new york...
Can you tell me the best things of the united states ? Here are my questions!
Thanks for aswer it !!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

The referendum :

On October 23rd 2005, all eligible citizens will be required to vote, responding to the question YES or NO to the question, "Should the sale of all types of firearms and ammunition be prohibited in Brazil?"
The many arguments for this referendum are :

- The people are sick and tired of guns, they see them and hear them every day. They will made up their mind and they will vote to ban them.
- There are more gun deaths in Brazil than in any other country, and since the early 1990s the annual number of fatalities has risen grimly.
- People use guns so often, for any reason.They don't know how and in what circunstance do you use a gun, so the sale of firearms andammunition had to be ban.( 39,000 people in Brazil are killed by guns each year, or about four an hour...)
- The number of deaths from firearms was cut in half over five years in Australia when they bans the sale of guns.
- Yes, because the real interest behind the gun campaign is that the United States wants to sell more weapons, destroy Brazil's gun industry and take over the Amazon. This is why we must vote for the prohibition of saling guns.

The many arguments against this referendum are :

- The population in Brazil is unprotected, left at the mercy of armed thugs, while the government is not investing in security.
- This vote doesn't disarm the criminals.
- Banning guns won't stop violence.
- The pro-gun lobby insists the referendum is a violation of citizens' rights.
- The decision will have very little impact on reducing violence or crime.
- If the referendum passes, not everyone will be disarmed. It won't apply for example : the police, the armed forces, private security agents, gun collectors, sportsmen, hunters and anyone who can show he has a gun because his life is in danger...
- If the referendum passes. A lot of persons who sell guns will close their stores.
- The approval of the new law meant a big defeat for the firearms and ammunition lobby in Brazil. The country has the second biggest arms industry in the Americas and the sixth largest in the world.

More than 100 million Brazilians voted this referendum , and the government calls the world's biggest. Brazilians as young as 16 can vote, and voting is compulsory for citizens from 18 to 70. Well... I know the result of this referendum, and I'm very desapointed, because I 'think tha thte arguments for this referendum were better. There is enought violence in this country, and this is had to change. If the sale of guns are prohibited, I'm sure that the indice of death will slump. But Brazil had a lot of problems to resolve, like poverty... And I'm sure that this referendum will not change anything, but well, as I always said : Let's wait and see...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

THE swimming pool...

THE swimming pool...
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The France will participate of the world cup in 2006!!! They won Chypre 4- 0, and it's fantastic!!! The first goal was made by Zidane, the next was made by Wiltord, then Giuly, and the last one I forgot his name...
But well I am so happy!!! Because I was sure that they will not won these game, because they had to make 4 goals to win. And their qualifications for the world cup was depending of another game too, is a little bit complicate. But now, this nightmare is over, and France will play in 2006!!!
This is great, but there is another terrible thing that I did not mention... Today is my last day of vacation, and I spend a very good time with my friends and with my family. This time is almost over...This vacation I went in São Pedro, is a little village. We went there because my parents have friends who leave there, and these friends had a gigantesque and fabulous “fazenda”, with a beautiful swimming pool, horses, a billiard, well... It was super, really.
But tomorrow, I will go back at school, god... This is not fear!!! But what can I do! Nothing I guess...
I hope all of you spend nice holidays, because mine were unforgivable. See you tomorrow guys…at school… Ah!!!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

My English experience.

My English experience

This year is almost finished.
Although I enjoyed having an hour per week to use the Internet and write in my blog I did not like to use it at home. Because at home, although we have some time, we don't want to post articles as we have other better things to do. When I am at home, I surf on the Internet but I don not feel like posting on a blog. I prefer listening to music and talking to my friends on msn!!! I know that these are not inteligent activities, but what I can do?
At home, I would prefer written homework, like questions or reading from our English book. Because I get too easily distracted and in this way I can focus better.

What I enjoyed in class was that almost every week, we had to answer some questions or we had to give our opinion on the blog. This was great, because we had different subjects. Sometimes it was about the punks, another time it was about commenting on beautiful photos. However, sometimes we did not have much time to finish or to ask questions because the hour went too fast, there were many students asking questions and some students did not understand very well what they had to do. I had the impression that the teacher gave more attention to some students than to others. I remember last class I was completely lost, and I received no help, because you were working with other students. So when the class was over, I hadn't done anything. However, in spite of this, it was a great experience.

I think that we worked a lot in class maybe too much!!! (I'm joking). Seriously, English classes are nice. There is a good atmosphere between the teacher and the students. But I think that we don't use the book very often, and we don't analyze a lot of documents. For example, I think that It would be nice if we analyzed other documents, like the one we did with "George and the dragon" or with "Molly Pitcher". This is a work that needs reflection, and it makes us think about the painter, the colors, the technique he used, etc...

All in all, this year was fun. There were things better than others of course, but I can't and I won't say that this year was not a good experience, because we did a lot of different things, both in class and in the computer room, and I hope next year will be as good or better than this one :).

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Work !

Work !
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So, I have received a lot of questions concerning my conception of "word". Well, I'm going to do my best to answer you. So , here are your questions, with my answers :

1)What do you mean by saying ~bad/good~?Do you really think that work is related with pleasures?
When you do what you want to do. Is a good work, because you work, but in the same time , is the pleasure because wou do what you wanted to do ! I think that people have good work when they are fourty, and their lives are "stable". When you are twenty, thirty, you exerce a lot of littl jobs, and for me, these are bad works, because you don't really whant to do them, you need them.It's different. So this is why I mean with good and bad work.

2) Why do you put "manipulation"?
Good question ! :) I think that depending the status you have in a "entreprise", you can manipulate the persons. If for example you are the boss of a big factory in a poor city, and you are looking for some "femmes de ménages " to work, you will pay them with a very little "salaire". There are persons who needs to work to feed their kids , their family. These kind of persons accept to work of a miserable salary. Well, they are manipulated. This is why I mean with Manipulate.

Would you associate work with process or results?
Well, I will associate work with process . When you are a kid, you wotk a lot. Then you become an adolescent, and you work a lot too. Then you are twenty, and you still working to get a job. The job that you get is a result of a lot of work that you did pastly. Well, it's a very long process, isn't it ? This is why I'm associating work with process.